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It takes about 6 years of determination and a lot of luck to develop a new variety, and often with low yields. However, we believe that breeding and raising koi here in the Tucson water and local climate conditions will produce koi for our local customers that are readily adaptable with stable coloration for typical water conditions. We do not feed our koi color enhancing foods and the koi we offer for sale are into their second summer season or beyond. We have been koi hobbyists for over 18 yrs and have been breeding koi for the last 20 yrs. We have developed chagoi/kumonyru mix, ki shusui, and ochibas. We will sell koi at wholesale prices to pet stores, koi dealers, and pond builders here in Southern Arizona. We also sell our koi to Koi hobbyists by appointment only,  and at special venues, such as the local koi show on the second weekend in Nov at the Oro Valley Marketplace.  If you are interested in color inheritance in koi, or red eye inheritance in koi, please see the attached files. 

We do not buy koi from homeowners in order to mitigate introducing disease to our stock. If you are in the Tucson area and are moving to a new location and are unable to take your koi with you, please contact the Southern Arizona Koi Association (www.SAKOIA.org) and they will let people within the community know your fish need a new home. They do not buy koi and are a not-for-profit organization.
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Case study-tumor treatment using hydrogen peroxide in Ornamental Koi Carp Phase I.pdf

Case Study Koi Tumor Treatment using Hydrogen Peroxide Phase II.pdf

Gomelsky et al. Inheritance of red eyes in koi.pdf